dimanche 24 mai 2009

DRAGONBALL Evolution 2009

Fuck! It's unbelievable how easy it is to destroy a long and simple story. Hollywood could have made a trilogy or even more movies but they started to mix the story and the characters, ex. : Songoku is also Songoan if you follow the real story. So fans are pissed anyway and the whole movie sucks! I stop right now because I could write pages but it's just not worth.

mercredi 21 janvier 2009


OK! They didn't like the ass fucking of George W. Bush.
Are you happy now?
Because I am!

dimanche 7 décembre 2008

mercredi 8 octobre 2008


Probably you saw videos where kids are talking politics. I think there is nothing wrong about. Ok, they do not really understand what they say because they are to young. They have not enough knowledge, neither experience so they are easy to influence. But that doesn't mean the 'videos' are bad for them, because they get that influence anyway from home, with or without proof.
Of course there is one thing that sucks : Because of those videos the news talks about the kids and not about what the kids are talking. If you listen to Bill O'Reilly those kids' parents are the worst of all, worse than the parents who push there children for there own dreams. That's sick. Let them teach there kids whatever they want. They don't make it for money and nobody's hurt.

lundi 6 octobre 2008


OK, I did it! I took stuff from the internet (2 pictures), but this explains my opinion!
At last the Republicans did not fuck
Monica Lewinsky, just everybody else. So the Americans won't the president fucking somebody else as them self!
In November, we will see how much they liked it.

vendredi 3 octobre 2008

Speed Racer

What the Fuck! I don't know how much money they put in that peace of shit. This movie is like a mix between Cars and Charlie And The Chocolate Factory. The whole film looks like a candy! And the stars, Americans and Germans, are like marshmallows swimming in piddle. So that's what they call an IMAX experience, I'm fucking exhausted.
I didn't thought that Andy and Larry Wachowski could get worse after the last two Matrix parts, V for Vendetta wasn't bad, but this is just horrible. Ok, it looks like they wanted to make a film for kids, in the style of Spy Kids, but why those movies didn't suck and didn't cost so much. As long as they won't do a triology ... Fucking Shit, Speed Racer 2 will probably come out in 2010 and all in 3D.
For those, who can't get enough IMAX shit, look 3D Shit in the links.


Do you like twiglets? well I do not.
I will start with the solgan : A whole lot of CRUNCH in a WHOLEWHEAT munch! If you like crunch you get a whole lot of crunch, that's for real, but the wholewheat made me a little sceptic, translated in german it means 'Schrot', milled things usualy whole grain, but it taste like 'Schrott', so milled scrap. I did even recognise a coffeetaste, and that was the moment I realised that the producer is Jacobs - a big coffee producer. Are they realy using there garbage to make a snack? well it taste so.
Here are the ingredients : 77% of wholewheat meal - a lot of garbage; as flavouring we have : yeast extract, vegetable extracts, spice extracts with celery seed (mmh, I'm no fan of celery), niacin, that's vitamin B3 and riboflavin, that's vitamin B2 also known as E101(yes, vitamins can be used as flavours and colorant, because E100-E199 are colours); vegetable oil; salt; dried cheese ('mmh, scrap from an other industry.' Twiglets are also called 'Sticks dipped in cheese'. Why? you do not even taste it immediatly and when you find it, it tastes worse); white peper. And it contains : milk, gluten, and more celery.
Under all this they wright : 'Produced on a line handling Egg and in a factory handling Sesame Seeds.' What line handling Egg? A giant mutant egg from where they get the niacin? And what sesame seeds? is that there whole grain? There is no sesame taste! Is that another proof for more scrap?
They do even say that twiglets can be enjoyed as part of a healthy diet and lifstyle. Ok, no one says that a diet has to taste good and who cares today if it's healthy, but lifestyle? It's Mr. Bean's favorite snack, who wants to be like him?
To end, this totally original snack comes from nowhere else as the UK, so it is not important how it tastes, because it's all about lifestyle.